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Broadland Wineries pours fresh investment in launching its own brand of imported wines

Broadland Wineries has started making fresh investments to launch its own brand of imported wines as the industry forced the company to change operations.

The firm hired a team of wine experts who can help in increasing the range of import wines and also installing a new line of bottling as it shifts away from packaging products, distributing, bottling and sourcing its brand.

This move aims to handle the change in behaviors of the supplier that are preferring the firms that offer all inclusive service instead of just managing the supply of wines through wine agents.

The company’s staff informed that a new recruitment process has been started where the business development director of the company will join in January and the company also expects to start new bottling line in the month of Feb. The company’s business was £33 million in the year and the pre- tax profits is expected to be £1 million.

Source- edp24

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