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If your house price is ticking up so is your confidence in the economy

What is better investment property or pension? The government is trying to inform people to buy schemes in pension and property. The government’s initiatives aim to promote money spending in these areas.

The government also plans to provide loans to buyers up to twenty percent of the value of the new property and this can be started with a simple 5 percent of deposit.

The government has already done a lot in this sector to infuse money through Funding for Lending schemes and the scheme brought in £80 billion funds to the banks that were lent out in mortgages. This resulted in increasing house price in London and the South East.

The purchase through buy-to-let is an attractive argument but the government is not guaranteeing that the house price will increase in future and buyers are hesitant to invest in it. The huge property price crash in 2007 had negative impact on buyers’ confidence. Property investment can be considered great for retirement plan but investors worry on present condition.

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