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Why palladium can be trusted over other precious metals?

Palladium is a lesser known precious metals that were benefitted by the increase in demand for the metals in auto markets in China and US. Most of the precious metals are currently down e.g. gold, silver, platinum. The price of platinum lowered due to the weakness in the European market.

The auto market condition may have a negative impact on palladium.

At the same time the gold rates are getting more and more uncertain. Silver closed at $21.18 with a fall of 49 cents and gold consolidated to $1,300.

As the both sides of US congress and senate went on shutdown , the gold and silver investors expected a growth of uncertainty.

The rate of premium gold dropped to single figures and gold importers may buy again after 2 months of close to zero imports.

It is expected that gold and silver both will recover soon and get a uncertain growth in the next few days.

Source- Bloomberg

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